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8:43 AM
Excelling at chess

# Publisher: Everyman Chess
# Number Of Pages: 192
# Publication Date: 2002-02-01
# Sales Rank: 345541
# ISBN / ASIN: 1857442733
# EAN: 9781857442731

This book identifies the key factors that separate the very strong players from the rest. Anyone who follows the advice in this book cannot fail to improve their feel for the game.

Date: 2004-06-26 Rating: 5

An inspiration to the serious chess player!

This book is a true inspiration to all chess players that are serious about the game. The book is written in a very personal way and without question will help the tournament player (the ideal reader should be a tournament player). It talks about many topics from chess strategy, psychology of chess, and good training methods and advice. Are you a real chess player?

Date: 2003-09-23 Rating: 5

A bold, 21st century classic

This book sets itself apart from others of its ilk for a few reasons. First of all, Mr. Aagard has an engaging voice that comes across in the pages. He comes across as a real human being who has had ups and downs with chess. He has a lot of wit and warmth interspersed with very forthright analysis. A rare combination! This does not mean, however, that the book is somehow not serious. Far from it; he has a thesis regarding positional play and he defends it with rigor. He's not "my way or the highway" but at the same time makes a convincing case regarding what it takes to take a quantum leap in playing skill.

But wait, there's more: Mr. Aagard's background in neuropsychology takes this book to a new level. He integrates fascinating info about cognition and perception and how it relates to chess. This is stuff that is compelling in its own right. Ultimately, I wouldn't have changed much with this book. It accomplishes exactly what it wants to, and points towards a "humanist" perspective on chess: train hard, but also realize that (a) it's a game between 2 human beings who must respect each other during the course of play, and (b) it's important to have fun. I really think this book will have a long shelf life--it certainly had a deep impact on how I approach the game.


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