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10:28 PM
Great Sex Tips

# Publisher: DK ADULT
# Number Of Pages: 240
# Publication Date: 2002-01-01


Spice up your sex life with 100 erotic tips guaranteed to please! Increase erotic enjoyment with this sexy little book packed with hot ideas to inspire and arouse. Heighten passion and enhance lovemaking skills with Anne Hooper's adventurous guide to erotic tricks and techniques. Guaranteed to tantalize, the tops cover the full spectrum of sexual experience, from saucy seduction to spine-tingling foreplay and fantasy. Fun and sassy with raunchy color photos of techniques in action, Great Sex Tips will encourage you to expand your sexual repertoire and become a bold, provocative, and imaginative lover.

Date: 2004-08-01 Rating: 4

An adventurous guide to erotic tricks and techniques

This is a little book of sex tips that has been designed as a pillow book, intended to be kept by the side of the bed. Author Anne Hooper makes a point of saying that this is not "a deadly serious sex manual," but is suppose to be fun. The value is that it is full of things to make your love life a little more lively and premised on the idea that some of the best sex takes the form of games or dressing up. Some of the tips involve food while others focus on bath time, and all the ideas contained herein are designed to tempt, tantalize, and torture (but not necessarily in that order).

"Great Sex Tips" is divided into six chapters: (1) Seduction, which consists of dozens of little things you can do to get your partner into the mood; (2) In the Mood covers foreplay, albeit in a broader sense than would occur to most of us; (3) Loving Him is basically insights into the male body while (4) Loving Her performs the same duty for the female; (5) Erotic Toys does not necessarily involve a trip to the local sex shoppe but actually covers household items at hand; and (6) Sex Games outlines some specific suggestions on why for couples to have fun.

Obviously the point is not to read this book cover to cover, but to flip through and find one or two things to try the next time. The book is not as richly illustrated as some of the other DK volumes (R or NC-17), because the print is a tad oversized and often you will only find an idea or two on a page. The book is exactly what it purports to be, a catalogue of tips that can help you expand your sexual repertoire, not to mention, according to the front flap, to help you "become a bold, provocative, and imaginative lover," which certainly strikes me as a laudable goal, even at my advanced age.

Hooper is a practicing sex therapist and relationship counselor in both the U.S. and Britain, as well as a best-selling author. The founder of the Women's Sexuality Workshop and a former director of the Forum Clinic, her best selling titles published by DK include "Anne Hooper's Ultimate Sex Guide," "Great Sex Games," and the "Pocket Sex Guide." This particular volume came in a little boxed set labeled the Lover's Library with "Lovers' Weekend Guide" and "Can You Pass the Sex Test?"


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