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11:07 PM
Pocket Sex Guide

* Publisher: DK ADULT
* Number Of Pages: 96
* Publication Date: 1993-12-01
* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1564585093
* ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781564585097


The author of The Ultimate Sex Book presents a fully illustrated portable manual containing sexual techniques and tips on foreplay, safe lovemaking, varied positions, contraception, and other topics.

Summary: Not the greatest guide
Rating: 2

I was very disappointed in this book. My longterm boyfriend and I were looking for new and interesting ideas to liven up our sex life. This book seems to be more geared for first timers or the very timid. Also, the pictures weren't explicit at all and the positions were very self explanatory so its almost as if the pictures are not needed, like in a health book with too many official names and explanations of what each part does. My opinion would be, don't waste your money unless you are looking for a cheap health lesson.

Summary: a bit more help needed, perhaps
Rating: 3

The book is fun, but it suffers from a defect of all sex books I have looked at. It tells us stuff we would like to do, but can't, and doesn't tell us what to do when things go awry. Am I alone in finding enjoyable sex difficult to bring off? (I guess not, otherwise these books would not sell). They tell us about unusual positions, etc, etc......but don't tell us what to do when sex doesn't quite go as we expect - which is, in my case (and everyone else's??) is fairly frequently! I don't consider myself unusually incompetent or badly-informed....I know about foreplay, and what you're supposed to do, etc, etc.....but what about when you can't find the clitoris in spite of trying one's hardest and talking to one's partner............and when one eventually succeeds in stimulating your woman enough, you enter into intercourse....... how can you manually stimulate if you're in the missionary position and lacking a third arm....? If the woman is particularly difficult to arouse, should we be using the m.p. at all? What positions are likely to work better? Are these the sort of things we want to know, or am I just incompetent? I've been married for 10 years, tried hard to master sex for all that time (neither my wife nor myself have had any experience with anyone else); talk to my partner, and all the rest, but I have yet to find a sex book which is more than slightly useful.

Summary: Found this on accident
Rating: 5

A boy I dated had it on his nighttable, which I found a tad sleazy at first, until I read was the perfect little gift book, tasteful but insightful. It was a lot of fun to flip through it and say, "Hey, that's one of my moves!" and "Hmmm, THAT'S a great idea!" Of course, the boy I dated apparently got a lot of use out of it...with the other girl he was sleeping with. Well, I'm no longer dating that boy, but finding that book was worth the trouble. And my NEW boyfriend has already extended him a thank you.

Summary: If you're looking for basic, then this is the book for you
Rating: 3

However, if you're looking for a book to tell or show you new things that you've been unfamiliar with to date, then I suppose you had better look elsewhere. I'm in my mid/late twenties, and most of what was in this book was like a health course I took in college that discussed reproduction and sexuality. On the other hand, some interesting positions were mentioned that worked pretty well when my boyfriend and I tried them. For the price, it's a good deal.

Summary: Great things come in small packages!
Rating: 5

This book is a great buy for the price. The people seem very pleasured by the presence of each other. The info given with each section is great. The only thing I have a question on is that in some of the positions it seems impossible to actually have sex. Anyway, this book is a great buy. Ms. Hooper, you should make other pocket-sized books on oral sex, sex games, and most importantly foreplay. You are a great author.


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